The Sleeping Chimera

This is the picture I forgot about for a year. I was in my draw-every-kind-of-mythological-creature-phase that lasted only for this picture šŸ™‚ Originally it was colored pencil and watercolor, but everything was very light and unimpressive so I decided to go over all of it in marker. Some spots like the ground and the cave walls weren’t all covered up in marker, but most of it is. I started reworking this before I left for Boston and meant to have it up the day before I left, but that didn’t happen. And it’s been mostly done for a week now because I didn’t have the darker grey marker, but now I have it and it is beautiful, even if it doesn’t have a felt tip.

What do you guy’s think of my chimera? Should the shadows on the walls be more extensive than they are now? and does anyone think I should maybe try to put marker into The Stuffed Fox picture from a while ago? or is that totally a horrible idea?


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